Examine Australian Secondary Colleges Tendencies 2023

The overwhelming majority of scholars keep at school past this, continuing their education till the age of 18. They spend the final three years of secondary education at a high school (lycée), of which there are three types. More academic-minded students attend a lycée general or alycée technique, whereas these at alycée professionnel observe a extra vocational education. The state doesn’t management college syllabuses, nevertheless it does affect admission procedures via the Office for Students , which approves and displays access agreements to safeguard and promote truthful entry to higher education. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is an independent professional quality body, with a remit to maintain up and improve the standard of instructing and learning in tertiary education in England. Unlike most levels, the state has control over instructor training programs, and standards are monitored by Ofsted inspectors.

High School Education